• Continuing education to bring your career to the next level…
    You won’t feel alone, we promise!!! We will support and guide you the best we can and teach you all we know to make sure you succeed!!! And we know that you will also teach us a few tricks too 😉
  • Best split on the market…
    Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) said: “It’s not how much money we make but how much money we keep that makes a difference!” You work hard for your money and you deserve to keep more in your pocket, period!!!
  • Brand new office spaces
    You can work from home, from our office or a little bit of both, it’s your call…
  • Branding and marketing tools to promote your services and expertise
    Our graphic designer will make you shine 😉 We also use the newest technologies available on the market. As a plus, we also “own” the central pages of the monthly PEI Real Estate Book to promote yourself and your listings for a minimal fee.
  • Investment opportunities
    We offer opportunities to our agents; we strongly believe that teamwork is the way to go… And to show you our commitment to your success, we even go further by offering some other investment opportunities.
  • Open minded and awarded owner (Top investor for Ontario and East Coast in 2013 and 2014) by the Canadian Real Estate Investment Network (REIN Canada)
    Interested in going the extra mile in Real Estate? We will introduce you to different ideas that you may never have imagined.
  • Specialized secretarial services available at a very minimal cost
    We provide all the basic administrative services you need to be successful. You need more or you are just too busy and need extra help, no need to hire an assistant and spend thousands of dollars, you can only “rent” the services that you need.
  • You won’t be just another agent…
    We want you to be part of the company’s success! Bring your ideas and suggestions. They are more than welcome! We want you to be part of this success and make it the best small real estate company in PEI…

You still think we’re not different? Let’s meet to discuss and see for yourself. Worst thing that can happen, you get a free lunch 😉

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